At Meadow, we’re big fans of open space: Finding it, cultivating it, weeding out that open spot where your brand grows and rocks the industry landscape. And we know how to make it happen across the entire field of brand touch-points. We’re a talented team of hybrid designer/developers, experienced, personable, smart, and a little quirky. We ask a lot of questions, listen hard, dig deep, say it like it is, sprout inventive ideas, and push the limits. Big and bold, soft and subtle, print, website, mobile or packaging–whatever the brand calls for–we handcraft experiences. Yep, we pride ourselves on creating something that’s never been done before and making your brand the most engaging, innovative, fresh, aesthetically awesome, and utterly creative it can be. In other words, we’re in this together. Howdy, partner.


Marco Contreras

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Coming from a family of artists, you could say Marco was born with creativity running through his veins. With a competitive drive, he was mastering still life by the age of eight. At 14, he was already immersed in graphic design and top of his class. And when a college mentor compared creative folks to plants (yep, plants), it totally resonated that both need multiple elements to flourish. Which only drove his curiosity and fueled his inspiration: exploring astronomy, teaching typography, playing jazz, creating illustrations for magazines, and even building weird science experiments with his kids. And it all culminates in groundbreaking creative designs that kick the competition.

Josh Glenn

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Blame it on his free-spirited NorCal upbringing – Josh has never been one to follow convention. Until the age of two, he grooved out riverside with his family in a classic converted van. Moving to more rural digs, he honed his creative chops inventing his own amusements, geeking out on 8-bit video games, and rummaging through old junk piles where he became enamored with retro signage and typography. Spending too much time in nature, he started seeing shapes and lines everywhere and soon found himself immersed in both architecture and engineering programs, before tapping graphic design. Today, he’s still obsessed with the geometry of life, dreams of raising hedgehogs, loves cooking up inspired creations, and along with his wife and kids, enjoys biking the unexplored and blazing new trails for his spirited clients.