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Java Beans & Joe coffee reaches 100+ stores

Starting from a concept only last year and growing with popularity, Java Beans and Joe Coffee is now offered at over 100+ H-E-B stores throughout the state of Texas.

Java Beans and Joe coffees, an exciting breakthrough in product design innovation that delivers a distinctly new take on customer-directed beverages while providing 100% Arabica beans at an affordable price to consumers. Customers can enjoy Java Beans and Joe beverages in offerings such as House Blend, French Roast and single origins such as Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra Mandheling at participating H-E-B stores in the U.S. The green coffee used in Java Beans and Joe is made from roasted 100% Arabica beans, resulting in a smooth, gentle cup of coffee with clean taste from customized hand-roasting.

“The development of our Java Beans and Joe brand is a special accomplishment for us and we are excited to share our passion with coffee lovers at their homes, offices and in their cups. We have a unique opportunity to present consumers with our superb coffee backed by the experience and care of five generations of artisan roasting,” said Lauren Mountanos, Product Development & Marketing Manager at Mountanos Brothers Coffee Company.